Saturday, August 6, 2016

Pink Hydrangea by Lamplight

On the second day of the workshop, we had a very full day!  We began with a sunrise paint at the beautiful Gordon Lodge, just north of Bailey's Harbor.  Watching the artists capture the sunrise, each in their own way, is a wonderful experience.  Heading out to Moonlight Bay, where the temperature climbed and the students melted into the pavement, produced some amazing paintings!  Then, we came together to finish those steamy paintings in the comfort of the shade (after I had almost finished a painting across the street of laundry on the line).  After all this, I thought no one would be up for a nocturne, but lo and behold, several were!  So, we headed to Fish Creek, and I painted this, giving instruction as I went.  It was a perfect night for a nocturne!  So, this was a three painting day!  Painting number 1310 in 1310 days :)

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