Friday, August 12, 2016

Summer Phlox

The gardens were perfect a month ago. Then, I  had family in town for two weeks, followed by a fabulous plein air trip to Door County, Wisconsin. Throw in the countless things I had to catch up on, and today my focus is back to the garden.  Some heavy rain produced a new crop of weeds right at the hottest temps of the summer, and so today I spent almost the whole day regaining control of my flowers!  The phlox are holding on, though not as lovely as in early July.  It was only fitting that I paint them this evening, since I have been up closer and personal with them all day long.  Painting number 1317 in 1317 days.  Tomorrow will me in Parkville, for the Plein Air Invitational this week - where I am one of the featured artists :)
Summer Phlox
Oil on panel, 5x7
purchase here

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