Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Chickadee in the Lilac

Chickadee in the Lilac
Pen and Ink on paper, 6x7
Today, I switch gears, and get into the ink!  I love the way pen and ink steps back in time.  This could have been drawn 300 years ago, or just today - it is timeless.  I can look back to the first ink drawings I did in January, and wow - what a difference!  As I have penned, I have learned, and the expression has come easier with each rendering that I do.  I no longer feel a stress about attaining the likeness and feeling I want to portray, they just happen organically, almost without thought, which is how my graphite drawing has always unfolded.  This ink journey has been a sweet one, and one I will pursue forever.  I will never be too old or feeble to pick up a pen and paper!  This drawing is 1306 in 1306 days.

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