Monday, August 22, 2016

Pink Hydrangea by Lamplight

During our Door County workshop, one of the paint outs was a nocturne, or a night painting class.  We headed over to Fish Creek, as there is abundant nocturne subject matter.  The streets are well lit, with many light sources.  I like to set up where a light pole will illuminate my panel and palette from behind me, as I look out onto my nocturne scene.  So, scouting is key, and location is everything.  I started with a dark tinted panel, and I began by laying in the lights.  Next, it is the middle values followed by the darks.  It is important to always keep my palette layed out in the same manner, because it is very hard to judge color at night.  Values are easy, but it isn't until morning that I find out of my colors are true!  Painting number 1327 in 1327 days :)

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