Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sailboats at Sunset

There is something so dreamy about sailboats.  The very sight of them brings on memories of summer, slipping through the waves with ease,  the wind on my face.  Quiet and peaceful, it is a joy to capture them with paint.  Today, I've chosen oils, and there are a few colors on my palette that are not normally there.  I've dropped in some radiant blue and radiant turquoise, too better catch the hue of the sky and water.  These Gamblin radiant paints are wonderful for that pop of highlight and strong, opaque color over the transparents.  If you've not tried them, you simply must.  The radiant lemon is probably my favorite of the bunch, but every one is very useful, indeed.  This painting is the 1316th in 1316 days :)
Sailboats at Sunset
Oil on panel, 5x7
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