Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Lower Falls of Sanctuary

I loved this location, and I had already competed two other paintings here this week, so I thought I would switch things up.  I brought my acrylics into the landscape!  For years, this was all I used en plein air.  I only use them sparingly now, for the landscape.  I started with blocking in the masses, and went down hill from there!  A battle almost from the beginning, I struggled my way through every layer!  The sage advice of another artist ran through my mind - "make a mess, and then get yourself out of it!"  Well, I sure had a mess before me, and I was not about to let this painting beat me!  So, I kept working mass by mass, until the waterfall began to emerge.  I made myself power through it.  My intention was to complete this in acrylics.  It would have been so easy to pull out my oils and fix it, and also the coward's way out.  I learned so much from this painting, and it was a hard lesson indeed!  Painting number 1322 in 1322 days.  That was exhausting.

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