Saturday, February 27, 2016

Roses in Pink

Roses in Pink
Oil on canvas, 7x5

After a couple of weeks of little sleep, and a very busy Saturday, I arrived home so tired.  Normally full of energy - no matter what - my hours are taking their toll tonight.  I have been doing portraits, and had already planned out a James Dean portrait - but I no longer had the preferred panels primed!  Darn!  I will not settle for less, so I am resting in my safe zone, bright and energetic roses, using my new catalyst tool.  This is the first time I’ve used it on canvas, and the result is kind of cool.  I don’t normally like the woven texture of canvas or linen, but when this tool skims over the surface leaving dark little pockets under the pinks, it is very effective!  I will need to get some priming done before I return to those portraits......maybe tomorrow.  Painting number 1151 in 1151 days.

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