Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Chickadees in Ink

Chickadees in Ink
Ink on paper, 5x7
After getting a little frustrated with a large painting today, I am turning my attention to something cheerful!  These darling little birds are joyful creatures to watch.  They are quick, light, and hop along the branches cheerfully, as they wait for an opening at the bird feeders.  They are so abundant today!  It feels so like spring with the warm, balmy temps and calm breezes......even though the winds are due to change, and possibly bring us some snow!  Oh no!!  I am not a cold weather fan, and truly could not live any further north than Kansas City!  Give me the heat any day!  But, these birds are a staple, no matter the weather, and a joy to draw as they flit back and forth to feed.  These little chickadees make the 1127th piece in 1127 days.

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