Monday, February 8, 2016

Billowing Clouds

Billowing Clouds
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 4x4
I started this painting in acrylics last week, and was quickly frustrated with the progress!  I almost never experience this - but when I did, I thought, “Why waste time working on this, when I can start something else more satisfying?”  Better to cut my losses than spend more of my valuable time in frustration.  So, after effortlessly dropping one skyscape off the brush, I returned to this one and topped it off with oils.  I really feel the creamy, rich, buttery oils are the perfect compliment to clouds and sky, and they add a texture to the masses that is hard to top. I have mainly used my brushes here, though I intended to use my knives. This painting makes 1133 in 1133 days.

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