Monday, February 15, 2016


Acrylicon masonite, 6x6

Mondays are SO very full!  Class in the morning, followed by class in the afternoon, and then a mad dash to the school to pick of the grandsons!  Today, I brought them back home, as I had so much left to catch up on.  However, I did not get hardly any of those things done - and instead, we played on the various exercise equipment I have!   After many new moves on the ever-so-fun foam rollers, I fed them, and before I knew it, Tiffany was here to get them.  Finally, I come to my easel with the latest episode of Downton Abbey on (which I love)!  I am painting this little darling, complete with Mardi Gras beads around his neck, in my limited palette in a small 6x6 size.  I already see a few tiny tweaks I would like to make, but I have already cleaned my brushes, and tomorrow is another very full day.  I will have to get to that later!  Painting number 1140 in 1140 days.

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