Saturday, February 13, 2016


Acrylic on masonite, 5x5

Some days paintings simply fall off the brush, and others, they do not!  This one was a bit of a struggle!  I’ve fallen far short on my sleep this week, the dogs have been waking me up causing havoc - and it takes me forever to get back to sleep!  My schedule has also been SUPER full, and I think because I’m so tired - I had to work a little harder for this painting.  This big cutie is my oldest daughter’s cat, and his wonderful coloring and form make him a purrrfect subject (I know, its corny)!  After extra concentration, this portrait is finished, and now I have to go get a shirt for my youngest son (for the dance tonight - yikes)!  Never a moment’s rest around this household!  Painting number 1138 in 1138 days.

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