Sunday, February 14, 2016

Kitten Nap

Kitten Nap
Pen and ink on paper, 6x6
This little darling is now a very large cat that lives at my oldest daughter's house - and is spoiled rotten by her husband!  He is lucky to have survived our giant puppy, Beau, and now he rules the roost over there!  This dark yellow and white darling has the most beautiful coloring, I really do need to paint him one day.  For today, pen and ink is my medium and paper is my substrate.  I didn't realize how much a would enjoy pen and ink, or I would have taken it up long ago.  I think I will start carrying a small journal in my purse with a pen or two, just in case I am caught our waiting somewhere.  No sense wasting time when I never have enough of it!  This drawing is the 1139th in 1139 days :)

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