Thursday, February 25, 2016


Oil on masonite, 6x8
in progress- texture

Today - I am painting on a crazy textured panel!!  Why?  Because when I reached for the surface I desired, I found that I was out!  For this series, I have gessoed masonite, then brushed over in a cross hatch fashion with gel gloss medium.  This results in a rougher than normal texture - perfect for cool stroke variations with the knife and catalyst.  This crazy panel I had primed so long ago - and I think I knifed on heavy gesso, already tinted in a pale yellow, and then pressed saran wrap over - lifting up to reveal the wonderful texture.  I never used it for anything!  I was scared, because it IS so different......but today, I needed texture, and so this had to be the day for jumping into the craziness!  I have used only ivory black paint.  I like the warm yellow surface of this panel, so I have reserved my “whites” - or “pale yellows” in this case!  I pulled the blade over this texture, which left the black on all the peaks.  I had to use a stiff bristle brush to get paint down into the valleys, and dry brushed to get the shading done.  It is a little bold - and I like it!!  Bold and crazy is invigorating!!  Painting number 1149 in 1149 days :)


  1. Your portraits are terrific. You are capturing the most distinctive feature on each face perfectly! I like Norma Jean best.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment.