Saturday, May 20, 2023

Mulberry View

I don't think I've ever painted a Mulberry Street before this afternoon!  Scouting the streets for my next painting subject, I stopped here, and then backed up for a better view.  I recognized these buildings from my morning paint - because they were visible from the top of the Faultless Building, and I painted them into my skyline. It was a beautiful day for painting, and the sun brightened the west side of these buildings.  I'm having fun exploring this place - there are so many great historic buildings that beg to be painted!  Hope they continue this plein air event, it's a wonderful chance to do just that!  I'm so happy this painting won this afternoon's Historic West Bottoms Quick Paint - and it will hang in the residence of the sponsor.  Painting number 3784 in 3784 days. 

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