Friday, May 26, 2023

Evening Barn on the Water

This morning's 'nocturne surprise' was a good one!  One never knows what will come out of the trunk after painting in the dark!  I just couldn't resist those reflections on the water!  I had hardly set up on the back side of the pond when bugs invaded my space!  Gnats were everywhere to welcome me - so I grabbed my pochade quickly and jumped in my car.  I had to get out twice to get the gear I needed, each time letting in bugs.  With my pochade on my lap, I painted as fast as I could before my light was gone, using only one easel light on low.  With the scene so dark, I couldn't have the car on, and didn't want to draw even more bugs, lol. Another buggy plein air adventure, but I'd do it again for a scene like this!  Painting number 3790 in 3790 days. 

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