Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Church Street Barns

I love painting the old barns on Church Street in Augusta!  Though pretty messy in the field, I am again playing with my collection of fountain pen ink!  As I pared down my supplies, I forgot a crucial element to this process - my wash brush!  Laying in down with brush or dropper, I lay a very wet stroke along that ink with that brush!  I just couldn't make it work with my largest round brush.  So, upon mentioning this to my host family, Saundra pulled out a selection of house painting brushes.  The one inch brush was perfect!  Not quite as soft as a wash brush, it still held a lot of water, allowing me to achieve the stroke i needed to get these chromatic inks to mingle.  Unpredictable and vibrant, the whole process is fun - unless I have a little ink accident!  Yes, that happened with the first ink painting - and it took me over an hour to clean that mess up!  Come see this fountain pen ink painting in person at Gallery Augusta on Walnut Street!  Painting number  3768 in 3768 days. 

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