Friday, May 19, 2023

13th and Hickory

I've never been down these streets of Kansas City before tonight.  Arriving a little late to the quick paint - after a day full of family fun time - I walked up and down these streets.  After seeing a few compositions I would like to try, I walked back to get my gear and chose this view instead!  My first time to use this square format paper, it was a learning process.  Each handmade paper is different, and this one was a bit resistant to my paint.  So, I coaxed my paint into position on this paper, allowing it to dry in place - which took longer than normal.  So complex was my drawing,  I was still putting paint on those buildings to the last minute!  I'm so honored to win this first Historic West Bottoms Quick Paint, and I'm happy this painting found a new home, too!  I can't wait to paint here again tomorrow!  Painting number 3783 in 3783 days. 

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