Sunday, May 21, 2023

Looking Over the West Bottoms

What an amazing vantage I had from the rooftop of the Faultless Building in the West Bottoms!  Now an event space, this beautiful building was the perfect place to paint so much of this historic skyline!  This long format was exactly what I needed for this painting - and I'm so happy I had one sheet with me!  Trains came and went, walkers, runners and bikes bustled by below, and the occasional pigeon popped in to join me - before rushing off when I moved! This was such a peaceful place to paint, and once again I worked right up until the last minute, to rush back, frame, and turn in for the morning quick paint!  Quite a bit to bite off for my 2 hour 15 minute window, lol!  Painting number 3785 in 3785 days. 

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