Friday, June 4, 2021

Shops on Main St

I love sketching the historic shops on Main St in Parkville, whenever I'm in town!  Today, I am showing the tools I use when I'm out in the field.  The silver TWSBI Mini fountain pen holds De Atramentis Archive Ink (water resistant), and the white and rose gold pen holds Levenger's Raven Black ink. I sketch out my scene and do all line work with these.  My watercolor half pans are compiled from several different Prisma Watercolorist Confections palettes, arranged to squeeze the most paints in my tins.  The water brush pen I use instead of carrying brushes and water.  If I need to refill, I've been known to pull that water from pond, fountain, or puddles!  My supplies are very compact and can fit in a pocket for easy access.  It's so easy to get out and paint when the set up is simple!  Painting number 3065 in 3065 days. Now showing at the Cathy Kline Art Gallery in Parkville. 

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  1. Tammie thank you for sharing your tools of the trade. Always enjoy seeing your pen and ink with watercolor work. Take care and have a great weekend.