Friday, June 11, 2021

Morning at Wurdack Farm

What joy it was to arrive at our private paint out on this amazing Wurdack Farm!  Driving down two roads on this property, I decided on painting young cows in their corral at a different white barn.  I turned around, grabbed my gear, and they had disappeared into the woods behind the barn!   Loving this scene as I scouted the place, I returned to paint it.  I love the dramatic way the farm sits just behind that ridge!  It was so fun to visit with the family that lives here, as they drove all over the countryside to find us artists scattered to the wind! I enjoyed this so much, I moved down to the fence to draw this scene from a slightly different vantage in ink.  If only I worked faster, I could have made it to the spring to paint, too!  Painting number 3072 in 3072 days. 

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