Thursday, June 3, 2021

Teakettle Geraniums

I have been wanting to paint these geraniums for days - and I finally got the chance!  The reds are so vibrant - I find that I am cooling down the surrounding masses to try to capture their glow!  This old teakettle belonged to my great grandmother Ethie, and though no longer fit for tea, it is a perfect vessel for my plants!  With oils, I lay in darks and lights, brushing in the blossoms loosely, with light strokes from a soft brush.  I am using a softer synthetic flat that was given to me, and I like how it defines the petals with a swipe.  It was fun using those cad reds at full strength - I don't get to do that too often!  Painting number 3064 in 3064 days. 

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