Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Snowfall at the Creek

 I was getting this painting ready to take to the gallery, and I had not written on the back. I often skip this step in the winter, I just want to get packed up and out of the cold. So, I looked back on my blog to find my post, with the date and name I would have given it at the time.  I looked at each winter month, and nothing. I searched my blog for the location and key tags - also nothing.  I found the photo I took of the ink sketch and the place before I painted in oil, and then I found this photo in my phone, unshared.  This is one of my favorite winter paintings, and I didn't even post it.  I don't think I have ever forgotten to post such a large painting, this one is 24x18.  I am entering this painting along with several others into the MVIS Signature Show at the Cathy Kline Art Gallery in Parkville for July. Who knows what number this painting really was, but I'm giving it today's number - 3083 in 3083 days. 

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