Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Grand Mackay Hall

Whenever I am in Parkville, I like to sketch a local icon, or capture a quaint little spot in pen and ink.  This place is certainly a Parkville icon, making a grand statement at Park University.  Ink is the perfect medium for such cool architecture.  The silver TWSBI fountain pen is loaded with De Atramentis Archive Ink, and has an extra fine nib.  I use this for the lines I don't want to move with water.  The other TWSBI mini is loaded with Levenger's Raven Black and has a broad nib.  I've only recently tried this nib, and I'm enjoying the thick black line it leaves.  This is the one I move with a little water.  There are so many places I want to draw, and there never seems to be enough time!  Painting number 3063 in 3063 days.

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