Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Winter Herefords

Giant snowflakes fell from the sky as I started my day, and fell steadily for hours more.  As 3:00 approached, the warmest part of the afternoon, the snow was still falling gently.  With just a couple hours of daylight left, I headed out to the pasture.  The snow was deep - nearly to the top of my boots! It is actually in the 20s today - and it feels so very warm to paint in!  I even left the neoprene layer at the house.  These beauties stopped for a while to model for me before marching back up to their hay.  They walk single file back and forth, and when one stops they all stop.  I love getting to spend time out in nature with my paint.  This simple process feeds my soul indeed.  Painting number 2963 in 2963 days. 

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