Monday, February 22, 2021

Oaks at Creek

It's been ages since I've been to the city, and this is what I paint on arrival!  Lol!  I met artist friends (the Monday Morning Watercolorists) at Suburban Lawn and Garden this afternoon, and I walked around back to scout out that lovely creek before going in.  How could I possibly leave this spot unpainted?!!  Pulling out a 3x3 inch paper, I did a quick sketch followed with watercolor.  I tried 3 different water brush pens before settling on one.  I need to throw out the worn out ones and mark one that is super loose with the water!  It is good to use for a wet area, but really not good on those branches and leaves!  Thank goodness I had what I needed, because I just grabbed that bag on my way out.  I have been known to raid supplies from another sketch bag - leaving myself wanting at another time!  Oh the life of the artist!  Painting number 2967 in 2967 days. 

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