Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Cardinal Pair

These cardinals are so fun to watch AND paint!  We have so many coming to the feeders, they perch on nearby branches while waiting.  I used my fountain pen loaded with Robert Oster's Thunderstorm, an ink that lends itself well to winter scenes.  With a little watercolor to fill out birds and branches, I was ready to head in.  I think it helped to have warm water in my water brush pen, it was very cold at 15 degrees.  I wonder what would happen if I worked sloppy wet in such temps?  Well, this miniature painting on 3x3 paper was fast, so there was no need for warming up or worrying about freezing ink.  I keep my supplies in the warm pockets of my down coat!  Painting number 2955 in 2955 days. 

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