Monday, February 8, 2021

Snow on Old Hackberry

Today finds me painting the second largest hackberry in our winter wonderland!  Relatively close to the house on this cold 11 degree afternoon, I took a warm up break in the middle.  I made the mistake of taking off my painting hand glove briefly, and those fingers got cold fast.  When it is this cold, it is so important to layer up, including a neoprene layer.  I keep a sherpa scarf over my face, reducing skin exposure, ending with a heavy  hooded down coat and tall rubber boots.  I don't like painting with a glove on my paint hand, but I have to when it's this cold.  I'm looking for good neoprene gloves for just this.  My fleece lined leather gloves are fine for a while, but don't keep my fingers warm towards the end.  I know that if they start to tingle, it is time to warm them up!  Painting number 2954 in 2954 days 

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