Thursday, February 11, 2021

Hedge Apple Trees in the Snow

It is so fun to explore a couple of hedge apple trees in oil today!  Twisted and interesting - their limbs stretch out in all directions.  We have a few very old trees and many younger ones, all decending from the dust bowl days of trying to reclaim the soil.  My grandparents planted them along the hedge rows, to create windbreaks.  They drop large lime green hedge apples that deer, squirrels and crows eat.  In fact, I saw a couple of them shredded to bits along the trail today.  I jumped into my painting without sketching first, and I realized half way in that I missed that sketch!  I might just do an ink and watercolor tomorrow.  There are two or three large of these calling my name!  They would even be cool in ink alone.  Painting number 2957 in 2957 days. 

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