Sunday, February 14, 2021

Snow on Cedar Path

This path is always changing.  Each day brings different light and the foliage transitions from one season to the next with subtle changes daily.  The snow is falling again, and we're expecting 4 to 6 inches - our best snowfall yet!  So, I am capturing the magic in oils while the gentle flakes fall, and the light is slipping away.  It was 3 degrees when I headed out here, and oh how thankful I am for this long down coat warm to -7 degrees.  That's what the tag said when I bought it, now I'm getting to really test it. With my various layers, I am toasty warm, and the deep furry trim around the collar, and my scarf, shield my face so well!  Thank goodness for good gear!  Painting number 2960 in 2960 days. 

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