Monday, January 25, 2021

Two Chickadees

Watching the little chickadees at play is so fun!  So many birds are constantly flying to the feeders.  When I am very still, they do not even notice me!  I've started playing a few bird calls on my phone as I work, and the birds come very close indeed!  I've lately been wanting to sketch these beauties in pen and ink, really studying their forms.  The pen I chose today - a TWSBI Eco - mostly has Levenger's Raven Black in it, but there was a mix in it before with their Cocoa Brown, too.  So, it has the tiniest bend in tone.  I have floated a really juicy water brush pen into the lines, giving me wetter areas on the cotton paper for that ink to spread. I like it!  This allows me to get very dark, and I'm leaving plenty of white in the negative space.  I love the whole pen and ink process, and hope to sketch many of my feathered friends!  Painting number 2938 in 2938 days, and day 25 of the #stradaeasel challenge.  Now we're off to dinner at my Mom's - her first time to host us for dinner in her new house!  

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