Friday, January 15, 2021

Pole Barn in the Snow

Many years ago, when this pole barn was shiny and new, I did not like it's modern footprint on this old historic farm. Now that it has begun to weather and the landscape is weaving itself around it - it is a worthy subject for painting!  The almost blizzard like winds have subsided briefly, allowing me to get out there and get this painted.  Once used to shelter our Foxtrotter, Windsong, the cedar marks a water hole on top of this hill.  She was such a wonderful horse, we all enjoyed riding her when the kids were young.  Memories are everywhere as I paint, and the snow is beginning again.  So thankful for my time in this landscape, it truly is renewing.  I can't wait to see the winter wonderland the morning light reveals! Painting number 2928 in 2928 days. 

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