Thursday, January 7, 2021

Quiet Winter Pond

From the north bank of the pond, I find a spot out of the wind.  These old limbs stretching out over the water are a favorite perch for our resident Blue Heron.  He was fishing here today as I approached, and probably would have stayed had Beau not scared him off.  I love the dark water which I only find this time of year, and I feel an urgency to paint it while I can.  Again I have my thumb box pochade and my Altoid tin is my oil palette for this box.  I slip it under that sliding shelf to hike back to the house, and this one has only Richeson oils on it.  I really like the way they behave in the cold, important since I don't use solvents or turps, just the paint.  The snow is melting way too soon, without another in sight.  Painting number 2919 in 2919 days. 

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