Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Snow Banked Creek

I was led to this creek by my inner voice today.  The temperature was rising and I changed my schedule to get here sooner rather than later.  Having painted outdoors so often, I can sense what is happening to a landscape, and when it might be peak for painting.  I was happy to see the ice melting from the creek's surface, revealing that dark water of winter, one of my very favorite winter subjects.  The edges were doing the same on my pond, so I thought this could be happening is sunlit patches.  I know most of this creek is on the north side of a hill, so snow remains here longer than other places.  This fact gives me extra time to paint a snowy landscape, greatly needed here in Missouri where the snow is short lived.  I love the peace and serenity in this very natural place.  Painting number 2918 in 2918 days. 

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