Thursday, January 14, 2021

Pond at Loose Park

I have not been in a city park for quite a while - and the hum of city life was disconcerting!  I've spent so much time in the peaceful rural wilderness, that the noise here seems almost deafening.  I did not even take videos here because there was so much background noise - lol.  Just another side effect of life during a pandemic.  It was fun visiting with people as they walked by, I even ran out of business cards.  I really am rusty in public settings when I don't have my easel stocked!  The mocking sounds of the ducks were so much company as they quacked at dogs and fought over bread.  Tomorrow, I am hoping to have snow to paint, back in my own little corner of the world!  Painting number 2927 in 2927 days. 

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