Sunday, January 24, 2021

Missouri Creek

Even a gray day can be beautiful!  The grasses have been taking on a wonderful golden color over the last few days, and the reds seem more vibrant.  The overnight rains have saturated all the colors in the landscape, and I'm finding new pleasure in exploring them.  As I come to the easel every day outdoors, I notice the slightest changes in light, shadow and season.  Those subtle shifts inspire me to paint.  Ink and watercolor are calling to me today, so of course I choose them.  I try to always listen to that inner voice.  This handmade cotton paper is another tiny one - only 3 inches square.  It's the perfect size today because I must get back to make lasagna before the Chiefs game begins!  Painting number 2937 in 2937 days, day 24 of the #stradaeasel challenge. 

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