Friday, July 13, 2018

On the Portage River

The natural beauty here is almost overwhelming.  This is one of my very favorite kind of scenes, full of tranquility and the gentle sounds of nature.  The water babbles gently against the rocks, and those rich summer colors are irresistible.  So often wildlife slips in near me, not realizing I am human.  Today, I was visited by a deer family of four, splashing and playing on the opposite bank of the river.  A blue Herron fished and flew away, staying long enough for me to commit him to paint.  Time seems to stop when I'm surrounded by such beauty, allowing me to REALLY soak it all in, letting the experience seep into my painting one stroke at a time.  Painting number 2000 in 2000 days!!  Wowza!


  1. Gorgeous painting #2000 Tammie. Congratulations. You are the most dedicated artist I know, and it reflects in your beautiful work. All your hard work and steady determination pays off. ONWARD!

  2. Beautiful painting Tammie. Excellent capture of the blue heron too. Hooray - 2000 paintings in 2000 days! Wow!!

  3. Congratulations you are my hero