Sunday, July 29, 2018

Island Lavender Farm Inked

What a treat to return to a lavender farm for some plein air painting!  Island Lavender Farm welcomed a few of us artists today to paint in their fields of lavender!  There is nothing like the experience of painting with that fragrance all around!  As with most of my paintings I begin with a drawing, just to visually work through my painting with ink. I keep a Pilot Varsity fountain pen in my pochade box for this very thing.  That box is in my trunk all seasons, in all temperatures, laying flat, and that pen always flows when I open it to use. Even after breaking all the rules of fountain pen care, it works every time. There is much to be said for that!  So this modest, inexpensive pen can't be beat for this artist's in the field set up!  Painting number 2016 in 2016 days.
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