Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Barn at Wood Orchard

Scouting for a painting spot between Egg Harbor and Fish Creek, I saw this beauty from the road and HAD to turn in!  Better yet, the Wood Orchard Market was open and full of all things cherry!  It is cherry season up here in Door County, and I am doing my part to support the local economy.  Cherries, cherry mead, cherry poppyseed dressing, cherry strudel are just the beginning of my "cherry" week!  This barn is just beyond a tall grassy field with wildflowers, and that light was simply amazing!  I HAD to paint this scene!  Sometimes, a play just calls to me, and I HAVE to answer!  So glad I squeezed this in before the sunset paint!  Painting number 2012 in 2012 days.

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