Thursday, November 19, 2015

Summer Dreaming

Summer Dreaming
Acrylic on masonite, 6x6
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Oh, how I love the warm days of summer!  Give me the heat any day of the week - but you can keep that cold weather up north, where it belongs!  Today, I am painting little Michael, as he drifted in the pool in one of his favorite tubes.  I considered changing the color of that tube, to enhance the painting - but decided against it.  I wanted the challenge of using the blues of water and tube together, and the cool blue is so soothing.  I am enjoying this month of painting portraits SO much!  It has allowed me to really focus on the colors of the planes, and on the reflective light that gives the face form.  Probably the most valuable habit I have adopted this month is the 10 minute color study at the very beginning of painting.  It has replaced the line drawing completely, and I think it has really strengthened my accuracy.  Painting number 1052 in 1052 days.
photo reference
color study

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