Thursday, November 12, 2015

Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy
Acrylic on wood, 6x6
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I really wanted to jump right into painting this morning!  Then, my daily chores ate up the hours before heading to the gym.  I had already chosen my subject for today, and was making those brushstrokes in my mind.  Finally getting the chance to return to my easel - I found I was out of square panels!  Noooo!  I had cut the wood yesterday, so now I had to take the time to prime them with gesso, this time adding a coat of gel medium, too.  All I want to do today is paint, and it has taken me forever to get to that stage!  I need a clone who takes care of all the chores and details, so the real me can just paint!  So, the panels are finally dry - and I have used one for this painting.  I used the same large house painting brush for the gel medium that I used for the gesso, but it has left a deep texture to paint upon!  Comparing yesterday’s painting with today’s, I think I like the medium free surface better.  Darn.  I just finished 10 panels that way.  Painting number 1045 in 1045 days :)

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