Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Autumn Ablaze

Autumn Ablaze
Watercolor batik on rice paper
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Have I mentioned that watercolor batik is completely unpredictable?  I can use the same methods, color, paper and brushes - yet each time, the results vary wildly!  This time, the thin rice paper absorbed the color more vibrantly, and later absorbed more of the watercolor flooding over the cooled and cracked wax.  Why?  Who knows?  The cracking was more effective because I popped this baby in the freezer to speed the cooling of the hot wax.  Many times, I have to really brush that watercolor over the cracked wax - over and over again, just to get it to accept a bit of that wonderful brown color.......but not this time.  After seeing it so readily absorb, I even backed off, blotting up a few especially heavy areas.  These batik pieces truly are unique - each one moves in it's own way, and there is absolutely no way I could get the same results again!  It is WONDERFUL to have new Pitt pens to sketch out with - I had not realized how dry some of my favs were getting - not until I pulled out a juicy, fresh one! Another creative day in exploring watercolor batik on rice paper - and painting number 1036 in 1036 days :)

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