Saturday, November 14, 2015

Girl in White Hat

Girl in White Hat
Acrylic on masonite, 5x5
(4th 15 minutes,,,)
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1st 15 minutues

On this assignment, the task was to study the reference photo for 2 minutes, then close it, and paint from memory 15 minutes.  I tried to lay in the masses as I remembered them.  Once to this stage I was not sure how to proceed, so I let the dogs out, fixed myself a cup of tea, and started a back up on my computer!

2nd 15 minutes

Yikes!  My head placement is much too low on my panel!  Trying to engrave the details of placement, light and shadow - I stared at the photo for 2 more minutes (thank goodness for the timer on my phone!)  I then made adjustments, especially trying to get the angle of the hat just right....but as you can see, I just couldn’t remember quite how it went.  I remembered values, but the edges eluded they did for most of this exercise!

3rd 15 minutes

After another two solid minutes of studying, I finally began to feel like MAYBE I could find my way out of the fog!  At this point, I am wishing I had chosen a photo with more light on the face, but t is too late for that - and I must try to get the nuances of this light under the brim.  Bringing the hat into a better shape - which has taken me three attempts so far, helps me to anchor some of the deep shadows of the hair.  I spend my full 15 minutes painting this time, wondering if I will be anywhere close after the final 15!     Oh - and I did not realize I took a blurry photo, but alas - it is the only one I took so I have included it!

4th 15 minutes

Knowing this is my last crack at this, I study those little details that close in on a likeness, and am still trying to get those elusive values right!  This has been frustrating, and I can clearly see that some “brain” supplements are in order!  I can see how important this exercise is to improving ability, I simply have a long way to go.....!  After finishing this last 15 minutes, I think this is okay.  I am off on the eye shapes and the nose, and I wish I had positioned her on the panel more like I had cropped the photo. The composition would have been better.  I also should have pushed the values a bit more in her hair, as it looks flat.  I feel like I have run a race, and I think it is time for a glass of wine.  Maybe I’ll like it better in a couple of hours :)  Painting number 1047 in 1047 days.
1st 15 minutes
2nd 15 minutes
3rd 15 minutes
yikes!  blurry!
photo reference

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