Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Acrylic on masonite, 5x5
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I totally forgot to take a photo of my color study on this one, which is done in the first 10 minutes of painting.  So, the very first layer is nothing more than a block in of shapes and planes, with no real definition of features like eyes, nose or mouth.  After my block in, I had to get to Michael's guitar lesson, so I didn't get back to this for quite a while.  Once I started laying down strokes, I worked on the planes of the face and hair - getting the shapes right before I narrowed down to mouth, nose and eyes.  I found I was getting very tight with the brushwork, and once again, I had to actively think of getting loose with that brush!  It is so natural for me to push right into realism, but this month is all about impressionism in the portrait - so I will persevere!  Painting number 1050 in 1050 days :)

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