Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Baby Alastair

Baby Alastair
Acrylic on masonite, 5x5
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I really like painting these portraits using only black and white!  I set my timer for 40 minutes before I start, and when the time is up - I stop!  I mix as I go, and use no water at all until I am done with the painting - and then only to wash out my brush.  No medium is used with the heavy body acrylics, which allows the colors to be quite strong.  I am using short, impressionist strokes throughout - even for small areas like the pupils and iris of the eyes.  This really adds life and energy in a way straight, hard lines do not.  I am trying to do one black and white and one color portrait each day of this month - determined to master this technique quickly.  I am using filbert brushes - which I have never used (unless you count all of the brights and flats that I have worn down to filberts through the years!).  They make soft, rounded edges to the strokes, that flats simply wouldn't do.  Painting number 1043 in 1043 days.

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