Monday, November 29, 2021

Santa Nutcracker in Metal

After an almost 3 year absence, I return to metal work tonight with this Santa Nutcracker!  I had only started finding my own way with the medium when my dad became sick, and real life intervened.  It has lately been on my mind, the feel of the metal and the burnishing tools, even images I would love to try in the medium, and so I have answered the call.  Art is like this for me, reaching out, calling, whispering, images unfolding in my mind as if I'm actually working them, and I feel restless until I get to them.  It is as if they are living things, waiting to be nurtured into life.  I borrowed a nutcracker from my son's dresser and went to work, first scratching in the composition, then pushing and pulling the metal from both sides until the image emerges.  It is so very satisfying to work the metal again - I wish I didn't need to sleep so I could work on through the night!  Artwork number 3237 in 3237 days. 

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