Monday, November 22, 2021


I got these fabulous chrysanthemums from Suburban Lawn and Garden nearly a month ago - and they are still spectacular!  The very large flowers are bold and bright - lighting up my kitchen table!  I'm painting in miniature tonight, because once again I have worked myself into the late hours.  I had just boxed my last commission up when I sold another painting and got another commission!  I hadn't even made it to the UPS store - lol!  It's a good problem to have and I do like to keep on top of things.  So, that leaves only a little painting window, and I'm using ink and watercolor on handmade paper, and trying to capture those vivid hues.  I hope these sunny blooms last long into winter - and I can try them in oils!  Painting number 3230 in 3230 days. 

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