Friday, November 19, 2021

Pumpkin Batik

I've been thinking about this medium lately, with paintings forming and rattling around in my head. I like to sketch out my subject first with archival or India ink on very thin rice paper.  The paper is so thin, one can almost see through it.  I clip it to a wax paper covered piece of foam core, then paint the first layer of watercolor.  After that layer, I go in with hot wax, essentially covering what I don't want to receive more paint.  After several layers, I wax the whole thing, cracking it all up when cool, then floating a darker wash of paint into those cracks.  When I get the desired look, I iron all that wax off between layers of brown paper, working carefully because the rice paper is fragile.  The media is unpredictable and so fun!  I can coax it where I want it to go, but it still has a mind of it's own!  Painting number 3227 in 3227 days. 


  1. Your pumpkin batik looks amazing. I love the way the texture brings out a 3D look to the pumpkin batik.

    1. Thank you so much! Love playing with this batik method!