Sunday, November 28, 2021

Ornaments Five

I returned to Blogger to upload my latest post, only to find that yet again, my previous post did not upload.  So, now I'm going to try to play "catch up" when I have several recent posts still to catch up on.  If only high speed internet would arrive, one way or the other, it is nearly 2022.  Now, on to the happy stuff - painting!  I just picked these vintage ornaments up at a local antique shop, for the sole purpose of painting them!  I have many fancy blown glass ornaments for the tree, but nothing reflects like the simply round, shiny balls!  So I sketch with ink, then lay down some wet paint, dropping in more color as it dries a little. I work almost entirely wet on wet, so I must work fast!  It's another late night at the easel because I can't resist working outside when it's in the 60s in NOVEMBER!  All the bulbs are in now as well as poppy, sweet William and hollyhock seeds planted.  The more beautiful days I have, the more I get done in the garden!  Painting number 3237 in 3237 days. 

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