Thursday, March 12, 2020

Tranquil Creek Inked

Wanting to soak up another warm day with a run outside, I headed to a favorite trail after the gym.  As I ran, scene after scene appealed to my senses but eventually brought me back here.  A dark day, I was unsure if the rain would hold off.  The ink I use in my fountain pens is fugitive when wet!  This landscape drew me in, and I started with the line work.  Using a pen I have not used for a while - I had a little trouble getting the nib to release that ink!  I kept wetting it over and over again until finally it was flowing freely.  I'll need to rinse out the nib to assure good flow next time.  I'm so spoiled with the TWSBIs, this almost never happens.  I probably allowed the bag to lay over at some point, drying some of the ink inside the pen.  When I was packing up, I realized a storm was fast approaching behind me!  Almost a mile from my car, I ran back as the first raindrops were falling!  Just another plein air adventure - lol!  Painting number 2629 in 2629 days.

1 comment:

  1. You commitment to your art is so impressive. This is simply gorgeous.