Friday, March 13, 2020


I look forward to the first daffodils of spring all year long!  I've sprinkled them all over the property through the years, and it is a joy to see how they multiply and spread.  I used one of my newest fountain pens for the ink work - and I don't remember which cool new ink I loaded it with!  I like the unpredictable surprises that occur with new inks. That warm tone changed the mood of my daffodils when I added in a little water!  Not what I expected, but I like it!  I will definitely have to explore the three new fountain pens that I loaded with new inks a month ago, before leaving town!  Many happy suprises surely await!  Painting number 2630 in 2630 days.


  1. Another small gem! Daffodils are here too, but I don’t know how this one survived. We have planted many over 40 years and only have one left. The moles have feasted on the bulbs!